SARS-CoV-2 Therapy


Viral Delipidation is a proprietary process to remove lipid coatings from lipid enveloped infectious agents by application of our patented delipidation technology.  SARS-CoV-2 is a lipid-enveloped virus, which is protected by a lipid membrane or envelope that surrounds the viral particle and contains viral proteins and glycoproteins.  This membrane hides viral proteins to shield them from the immune system and to prevent alerting the body’s natural defenses to mount a response. Removal of the lipids is believed to permit enhanced exposure of viral proteins to the immune system, leading to neutralizing antibody (nAb) production, and potentially resulting in stronger and broader cell-mediated immune responses (CMI).

The cell-mediated immune response will engage T-cells to attack and destroy viruses and infected cells reducing viral load of the infected patients.  This reduced viral load can greatly reduce the stress on the immune system and improve or remedy the disease state.  Because the Viral Delipidation process makes the viral proteins more visible to the body’s host-defense and antigen-presenting systems, Viral Delipidation offers a novel approach for the treatment of COVID-19.  

Fast tracking development

HDL Therapeutics is pursuing all avenues to fast track the development of its promising COVID-19 therapy.